Monday, 15 July 2013

SAVE don't SPEND #20

Welcome to another installment of my spending diary. On weeks like this one (i.e. where I spend a small fortune) I wish I wasn't keeping a spending diary because it would be much easier to just forget it ever happened, but it's good to keep an eye on just how much over my budget I'm going (this week, double my budget...) so I can make sure I make it up in the future..

4.45 - lunch
£4.45 - total

12.00 - taxi
£12.00 - total

4.45 - lunch
4.72 - food shop
55 - train tickets and admission tickets to Windsor Castle (for the weekend)
£64.17 - total

8.50 - Boots No7 splurge
10 - lunch
£18.50 - total 

£0.00 - total

11.50 - Asda
5.50 - Starbucks
29.76 - Boots splurge
£46.76 - total

10.00 - Nandos
8.50 - vegan cupcakes
£18.50 - total

TOTAL: £164.38

EEK that's a lot of money! I knew this week was going to be an expensive one because I had my Mum staying over the weekend and we went to Windsor for the day on Saturday, which cost quite a lot in train tickets and paying to get into the castle. We had a lovely time though, and the weather was scorching! I'm trying to make the most of every weekend I have left in London before moving (on the 7th of August - so soon!)

Are you trying to save money? How is it going for you?


  1. I dread to think how much I spent last week! x