Monday, 8 July 2013

SAVE don't SPEND #19

Hi guys! Another week, another installment of my spending diary! Time seems to be flying by at the moment which is somewhat bittersweet considering my big move to Leeds is now less than a month away.. I am feeling ever so nostalgic about leaving London behind but ridiculously excited to start over in Leeds with all my family nearby!

9.10 - Boots (toothpaste(!) and water)
£9.10 - total

6.00 - lunch
£6.00 - total

4.95 - lunch
£4.95 - total

24.00 - Boots skincare splurge
18.00 - cinema ticket and munchies
4.00 - post-cinema food
£44.00 - total 

20.00 - healthstore splurge
5.00 - Starbucks
£25.00 - total

20.00 - food and drink at Summer Stampede
£20.00 - total

10.00 - July Birchbox (free shipping woop!)
£10.00 - total

TOTAL: £119.05

Oh gosh. So I knew halfway through the week that this was going to be a 'splurge' kind of week - the random visit to Boots and spends on Soap and Glory skincare was the beginning of the end really! I had two days of training at work this week which kind of put me in the mood for spending, summer and being frivalous. So shoot me. I'm hoping things pick up a bit this week as I am getting hideously close to not being able to afford some of the things we need to get when we move out. I just need to keep reminding myself that spending now has a direct impact on how much I can spend on things for the new house... wish me luck!

Are you trying to save money? How is it going for you?

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