Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tuesday Tales #8 - Ten Things I Won't Miss About London

After my post on Ten Things I Love About London (HERE), I thought it would only be fair to do a post on Ten Things I Won't Miss About London. Of course, every place has it's positives and negatives and these vary from person to person, but here's a little look at some of my pet peeves about the capital city...

1. The cost of living.
Although a lot of jobs pay proportionately more if they are based in London, the difference in the cost of living is absolutely huge and something that takes a while to adjust to. But hey, once you've lived here a while whenever you visit another city you'll think everything's super cheap!

2. The distances between places in London and the journey times to get there.
This may seem like a bit of an odd one for people who haven't lived in London, but basically because the city is so massive it can take hours and hours to get to somewhere else in London which you might have thought wouldn't take that long. To someone from Leeds, who used to travel an hour to Manchester (another city) for days out shopping, the fact that it takes me more than that time to get from my flat to Westfield (in the same city) drives me nuts.

3. Being far away from my family and boyfriend.
Obviously this one's quite personal to me, but often when people move to London they're leaving loved ones behind and this can be tough.

4. Travelling in rush hour.
Okay so this could apply to pretty much any city in England, but travelling in the busiest periods on public transport in London is just hellish. Where I live at the moment I use the overground most often which is significantly less traumatic than the tube, but it's still pretty awful, especially in comparison to other cities I've lived and travelled around in.

5. Not having a car.
Food shopping is HEAVY. And taxis are expensive. And IKEA is a long, long way away via public transport. RUBBISH!

6. Long working hours.
I know I work in a particularly demanding industry where extremely long hours are the norm, but overall I get the impression that long hours are more acceptable in London and that sucks. Nobody likes working 12+ hours per day, especially when the world's most exciting city is just waiting to be explored right outside your office window!

7. Tourists.
Does this even need an explanation?!

8. Rudeness.
This kind of ties in to number 7. Although it's a ridiculous stereotype that people in London are ruder than the rest of the UK, and I don't think it's true of all of London, it's pretty noticeable. I work in the City and it is rife with rudeness. I noticed it especially when I was on crutches - people didn't give up their seat on public transport, walked into me, kicked me and knocked me over without any acknowledgement or apology! I hold a grudge.

9. People making fun of my accent.
Okay, another personal one but still it's really annoying! And mean! I'd rather be a northern monkey than a southern fairy.

10. Noise.
I have lived in three different areas of London and of course the noise levels vary according to where you are, but a major downside to living in a '24 hour city' (which it's not, actually, more like 18 or 20 hour) is the sheer bloody noise. Streets in London have more cars and people in them, there are always parties or fights or events going on which is fine in principal but when you're trying to go about your daily business and maybe, I don't know, get some sleep and your neighbours are partying all night long, it can grate on your nerves a little.

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