Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I Want Never Gets... Party Dresses

ASOS have some absolutely gorgeous party dresses in at the moment!
I adore the colour of this red/pink lace dress! I think it would look great on most skintones and the cut would flatter most shapes too! Investment piece for winter as you could easily wear this with or without opaque tights. £65 Linky!
This long sleeved sheer dress is stunning, and would be ideal for a special occasion (birthdays, Christmas or even NYE!) The shape wouldn't suit me which is a shame as I think it's a really special dress. £60 Linky!
Now this peterpan collar sheer heart mesh bust dress is my favourite of the lot. It's got so much personality but isn't too 'out there' and is timeless so will last season after season. This might be my NYE dress, or if I can wait I'll probably end up buying it in the Jan sales. I love love love it! £55 Linky!
The colour of this one shouldered dress is delicious, but I think it would only really suit darker skintones (sob). £55 Linky!
I think this sheer stripe dress does not look like an ASOS dress! It's so unique, I think it looks more designer than high street! I love it but have no idea what type of event I could ever wear it out to. £30 in the sale! Linky!
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  2. They are some sexy dresses. My wife would look great in them