Sunday, 30 October 2011

Kiko Milan Cosmetics - eyeshadows

Even though I bought these eyeshadows way back in JULY when I was in Venice, for whatever reason I haven't gotten around to reviewing them til now! I'm sorry!
 I bought three shadows, for 3 Euros each:
 A gorgeous dark brown, shade 123.
 A copper-y golden brown, shade 124.
 And a lovely pearly white, shade 168.
Here are the shadows swatched on my forearm, in the opposite order (top>bottom 168, 124, 123). The darkest brown (123) is very deep and nutty, whereas the lighter shade (124) has golden undertones and appears much more metallic on the skin. the while is quite shimmery but still gives good pigmentation, you just need to build the colour on the skin. It's great for using in a smoky eye look for when you don't want to be too dramatic.

The quality of the eyeshadows is absolutely brilliant, they're ridiculously pigmented so you barely need any product on your brush at all. They're smooth and relatively creamy to apply and don't crease much. The packaging is very stylish for such a cheap, drugstore-style brand (reminiscent of MUA eyeshadows perhaps?!) and you do get quite a lot of eyeshadow in one little pot! Overall I'm very very impressed with the value for money here, and will be heading out to the new Kiko Milan store in the Westfield centre to check out what other bargains are on offer here in the UK! Linky!

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  1. This grey-brown tone of shadowns, I think that it is the best-classic choice if you want to look perfect all the time!

    Kisses,Marilena from Greece :)