Friday, 21 October 2011

Fabulous Nails #7

Apologies for not doing a nail post for a good month or so! I've been working and haven't been able to be so ambitious with my nails but I realised its getting me down (how sad!) so I'm revolutionising the legal profession starting with some fabulous nails! Watch this space for more pushing the boundaries - everyone else wears nothing/French manicure/something similar to Mushroom by Barry M (I'm guilty of this sin too).
If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don't, please do!) you'll have read my tweet about an accidental purchase of some Natural Collection nail varnish on my lunch break. This is it! Possibly the most difficult to photograph colour EVER (its called Topaz and is topaz-coloured, so a very shimmery light blue/turquoise silvery colour)
It's quite thin but builds well - I used 3 coats for this. It looks much more plain silver on the nail which I was super disappointed by - if I'd wanted silver nails I would have used my silver polish!! Grr! Overall a nice colour, nice application and very cheap (£1.89 from Boots) but just not what I was hoping for.
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  1. I love metallic nail polish. Looks so great whatever the occasion xx

  2. Nice colour - shame it took three coats though. I've just got into the metalic look through getting a version Chine Glaze do, love it!