Saturday, 1 October 2011

E.L.F. mega haul #5 - HD powder

After reading rave review after rave review of the E.L.F. HD Powder I couldn't resist adding it to my recent mega order! At £6 I thought it was worth a try to see if I could replace my usual base/finishing powder with it (click here to read my post on what I use in my daily make up routine), as my Lily Lolo matte powder retails at ~£12! Here is a link to the High Definition Powder on the E.L.F. website.
I was impressed by the packaging of the powder when I opened up my box - it comes in a sophisticated looking black square tub and is quite big! I'm not sure I expected to receive so much product for my money! So good first impressions..
Inside the pot you get a pretty standard powder filter & a cute little face puff! Again, I was impressed by the appearance of the product as I hadn't really expected the packaging to be so good.
Now for the negatives - as you can see from the pic above, once you peel off the plastic sticker that keeps the powder safe in transit, it starts to get everywhere! As someone who already uses powder on a daily basis, I am used to having to brush myself off on a morning after doing my make up, but for some reason the HD powder is a lot messier and harder to keep in the tub. Once you actually get it on your face it is a great product and makes your skin feel so much smoother and matte, however I didn't intend to use this on its own, instead using it under my mineral foundation as a base. For that purpose it didn't work as well as the Flawless Matte Finishing Powder I already own, by Lily Lolo
I would still recommend the product to people who are just looking for a loose powder to soak up oil and give their skin a matte finish, without putting anything on top. It does feel great on the skin, and it's actually brilliant value for money but sadly it doesn't suit my purpose and just doesn't match up to the product I already use!