Sunday, 2 October 2011

Shoe Fanatic

Despite already having 7 pairs of work shoes (even though there are only 5 working days in the week, woops!), I couldn't resist purchasing 3 more when I found myself in New Look on Oxford St with my sister...
How cute are these teal courts?! They look great with a simple work outfit - maybe a black shift or a pencil skirt and white shirt, injecting a little bit of personality and colour! Only £19.99
These little brown shoe boots are SO comfy and practical, I have no regrets buying them! I've had so many compliments on them since purchase, and at only £19.99 I think they were a bargain as they definitely don't look like high street shoes!
I love these little brogue-style courts! They're so cute and quirky, and super comfy as the heel is only an inch or so high! Again I think they were a good investment as they don't look high street quality, and so many people have commented on them! Only £19.99 Linky!


  1. I love a good shoe post - the first pair are gorgeous x

  2. You will LOVE my blog! !!