Friday, 11 March 2011

AVON Mascara, Lipstick & Face Perfector

I'm not feeling too well today, which is bad news for me but good news for you because it's given me plenty of time to test my free AVON goodies!

First up is the SuperShock Mascara in black
This is the picture from the AVON website, because I really wanted to show you the style of the brush on this mascara. I usually use Body Shop Define & Lengthen but have been looking for something new for a while! Perfect timing! The brush on my Body Shop mascara is very much your more traditional brush made from bristles, whereas the AVON is modern, made from plastic and appears to have shorter bristle-y bits.
This was my terrible attempt at getting a pic of the brush - see why I used the website?

I applied the mascara in the usual way but decided against using any brushes or wearing any other make up - I wanted you to see what the mascara does on its own. And..... drum roll please..... I'm really impressed! I've never used an AVON mascara before so I really didn't know what to expect but it went on nice and smoothly, and did a pretty good job of lengthening and defining my individual lashes. I think I've been converted!

Here's the best pic I could get of the result - left is the mascara'd eye, right is my other eye which has no make up on at all (for comparison).
Impressed? I was! AVON's SuperShock Mascara retails at £8.50 but is currently on offer for £5.00. Bargain!

Next up is the AVON Moisture Seduction Lipstick in Red Kiss.
Again, I'm using a website pic to show you the pretty swirly pattern on the lipstick as it was decidedly difficult to photograph!

I'm a big lipstick fan and love trying out different shades of pink and red. I have very fair skin and really enjoy experimenting with bright shades to see how they come out against my complexion. This beauty did not disappoint. I applied a tiny bit of lip balm prior to application, as I always do with lipsticks. Then I applied and blotted x 2. This is the result:
(Excuse my lopsided smile!)
I'm super impressed with the colour - even on the first application the lipstick was very highly pigmented and really stood out. It has dried my lips out a tiny bit, but I think given the shade it's going to be quite a high maintenance look overall, so before reapplying I'd recommend slicking on some balm first.
Overall I'm very pleased with this lipstick, although I don't know why AVON decided to name it 'Red Kiss' as it's certainly more pink than red! Nevertheless, I really love the colour and it had decent staying power for such a bright shade. RRP £8.50 but currently selling for £6.00, it's definitely worth getting if you're looking for a bright shade for Spring!

Finally, the AVON Face Perfector.

My comments on this product will be brief, as there's really not a lot to say! It's a brilliant base for your foundation as it gives a lovely matte finish to the skin. It comes out as a sort of dry cream (sounds bizzare I know) and it blends into the skin to even out imperfections! It does a pretty good job of evening out the skin tone but not enough for the difference to be obvious on camera, hence no photo! I used this product a few years ago before I started wearing foundation. It helped my skin photograph better and also because I have quite an oily T-zone it gave my skin a matte finish.

Overall good for under make up, but with an RRP of £10.50 (currently selling for £7.00) I wouldn't repurchase, as I already use Lily Lolo Finishing Powder in Flawless Matte as a base for my foundation.


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