Sunday, 27 March 2011

Couple of Cute Spring Finds!

Just a quick Sunday afternoon post! Whilst on Monday's pilgrimage to Oxford St I picked up a couple of cute bits worth mentioning..
 This lovely floral maxi skirt was £9.99 (ish, maybe £12.99) from H&M. I love love love how much fabric you get for your money! The blue background is a gorgeous shade and the little pink/white/blue flowers in the floral pattern are ideal for wearing with a top/blazer of the same shade!
It's hard to photograph because it's so long, but it has an elasticated waist and sits beautifully just above the hips, making the fabric flow fabulously down to your feet. I already have 2 jersey maxi dresses and 1 denim maxi skirt but none of them are quite like this one - its really cute & easy to wear!
However it is quite long - I'm 5'6 and it's almost too long for me so beware if you're any shorter as you might have to wear it with wedges!

These super-cute shorts, also from H&M (absolutely BARGAIN at £12.99) may be the new LOVE OF MY LIFE! Not only do I adore the colour (same as a high waisted skirt I bought a few weeks ago, see earlier post) and the pattern (dinky little doves) but the way they fit me is perfect, almost as if they were made for me! They're high waisted & have a tie also around the waist which you can do into a little bow to add extra cute factor to your outfit! Not too short to wear during the day either!
I've already worn these out with 10 denier tights, a white vest top, rust blazer & cream brogues and got lots of comments! I'm also keen to wear them on a night out, maybe to an indie club with bare legs & a white boob tube? (I tried this on and it really reminded me of Katy Perry in the Gym Class Heroes vid for Cupid's Chokehold/Breakfast in America - and I LOVE her style!)

What do you think? Have you bought any amazing shorts for spring? Do you love/hate Katy P? Comment away!


  1. Love those shorts so much

  2. Thanks! I'm finding it hard to resist wearing them every day atm!xx