Friday, 18 March 2011

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

Last week I happened to pass by Peacocks on my way to the supermarket & noticed they had a 3 for 2 offer on across the whole store. Not normally much of a Peacocks fan, I thought it was worth a quick 5 min browse.. I came away with a skirt and 5 pairs of shoes for the grand total of £68! Amazing!
I LOVE this gorgeous pleated black midi skirt! It was a bargain at £18 even without the offer on, and is made from a lovely chiffon-y floaty material. A deadringer for the same style of skirt that's selling for more than double that price in other high st stores! I am counting down the days until it's warm enough to wear out with a vest, blazer & cute pumps!
These moccasins are adorable! They're a much brighter red than in the pic and I think they'll look great on a Spring day with some skinnies! Another bargain at £14!
I've been after some feminine brogue-style shoes for months now and I am besotted with these beauties! At only £14 they're made incredibly well and are super comfy! I wore them out in London today in the damp drizzly weather and they kept my feet dry too!
I have a bit of a thing for peep-toe flats and these are so cute! They look really nice on with some colourful toenail varnish and I think they'll be ideal for wearing alongside the 70s trend staples of the upcoming season. The tan colour will work brilliantly with the rust orange shades of Spring skirts! And so much cheaper than they look at a mere £15!
Okay so hands up who loves wedges! Everyone right? I'm no exception. I adore how wedges are back in a big way this season, they're super comfy and super stylish in equal measure! I also think the tan colour will work really nicely with floral dresses or skinnies and blazers, and it matches my F&F tan rucksack perfectly! £18!
Finally these funky little sandals for £12! I really like how they're a different colour to what you'd expect in a sandal, whilst still rocking the whole gladiator-style that's been huge for a number of summer seasons now! I feel a bit daft investing in sandals as early on as MARCH but I'm sure I'll pop these on as soon as we get a nice bit of dry, sunny warm weather in London! Perfect addition to my holiday wardrobe too!

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