Monday, 7 March 2011

Dorothy Perkins freebies, Glamour & free Clinique lipstick!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hate those tedious first blog posts, so I'll delve straight in to the juicy stuff...

I received an order from Dorothy Perkins today, after only placing it a few days ago! Very impressed with the quick delivery, but what really put a smile on my face was the FREE AVON GOODIES I received alongside my items! I appear to be ignorant to whatever offer is going on at the moment, but I received an Avon Super Shock mascara, an Ultra Colour Rich lipstick in red kiss, and a Magix Face Perfector for free! I will be testing them all and reporting back on how I find them soon!
In other news..
I bought the April issue of Glamour magazine on Friday to read on the way to a friend's wedding at the weekend. Part of the reason I bought it was the FREE Clinique High Impact lip colour spf 15! As a vegan I'm ultra careful and cautious about buying from brands I don't already use, but I googled around and discovered Clinique is a non-animal testing company so I was happy to get the lipstick with my Glamour!
I tried it on Friday night and thought it went on very nicely, and it didn't seem to dry my lips out at all. The colour was a really goregeous deep red, which coincidentally totally coordinated with my planned outfit for the wedding! I stuck to simple lipgloss for the day service (Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker, watch this space for a review!) but whacked on the new lippy for the evening reception.

The colour lasted quite well, but I wasn't eating any food, just drinking from a glass with a straw so couldn't test its durability whilst eating. I also can't comment on the kiss factor of the lipstick, as I am a single gal and wasn't swept off my feet by any gentlemen that evening either! However the colour did seem to last throughout the night and my lips felt a lot more moisturised than they do when I'm wearing other lipsticks. I only reapplied once in the evening too!
All in all I'd recommend the lipstick to those who have a bit of a bigger budget and are looking for a good quality lippy with a nice colour and lasting moisturisation. I'm not sure if I'd buy it again (not that I bought it in the first place, but you catch my drift!) as I don't tend to purchase the more high end make up, but I guess we'll have to wait and see! I'd certainly encourage you to go grab a copy of Glamour so you can try it for yourself though, it's only £2 and the magazine itself is rather good too!

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