Friday, 13 December 2013

Festive Friday - Best Places for Presents

Hi guys! Today's Festive Friday post is all about where to find the best Christmas presents for the loved ones in your life. I put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect gifts for my nearest and dearest and pride myself on being a bit of a bargain hunter. So instead of sharing a general gift guide that might not be helpful for everyone, here are a few pointers to help you get started if you've still a few people to tick off your Christmas present list...

First up is TK Maxx - one of my favourite shops all year around this place usually contains some amazing little gems for you to root around and find! Most people think TK Maxx requires a lot of time and dedication to find bargains and I think that is true to an extent, but it totally depends on what you're looking for. This Christmas I've picked up a few presents for different people from TK Maxx, from a Ralph Lauren jumper for my Dad to a Fred Perry one for my brother, and some delightful homewares for my Mum and sister! If you're after clothes then it might take some time to find what you want but I always pop in on my lunch and browse through the candle section and the beauty section - there are almost always well known brands with huge discounts and the candles especially are a great low price stocking filler for Christmastime.

Wilkos definitely isn't the kind of shop most of my friends would think of when it comes to present buying, but actually it's a great place to find little somethings for your friends and family. I really rate the homeware offerings from Wilkos and they've stepped up their game considerably in recent years. Instead of splashing cash at John Lewis or House of Fraser get the same thing from Wilkos for half the price and your loved ones will be none the wiser! Genius. Wilkos is also fantastic for Christmas decorations and wrapping paper - so much cheaper but great quality.

Last but not least is BHS. This is the kind of shop I was dragged along to as a child when my Mum was school uniform shopping, but in recent years I've picked up so many brilliant gifts from there! The Christmastime gift section is full of anything and everything you can imagine and the stock is really similar to Debenhams, just marginally cheaper and BHS frequently have special offers on in December. This year I've treated my other half to a bobbly hat and a soft knit cardigan from BHS that you would think came straight from Topman, and I've also bought some food gifts for the in laws. Take a peek and you might be surprised, with free delivery on orders over £10 you don't even have to leave the house!

Where do you buy your Christmas presents from? Are you all sorted for this year?

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