Friday, 7 June 2013

Topshop Lips in Whimsical

Hi guys! You might have read my birthday haul post way back in February (HERE), where I mentioned I'd picked up my first Topshop lipstick in the matte shade Whimsical. Well four months on I am finally getting around to writing up my review of this product, oops!

I really like Topshop's monochrome packaging - from the cardboard box the lipstick comes in to the cool striped metal lipstick tube, it's definitely a winner. I think they've done really well with their make up branding across the board.

The packaging of the lipstick feels quite nice and high end, which is something I expected for the £8 price tag. This is about mid-range for a drugstore lipstick, but when I pay more than £5 for a lip product I have quite high expectations - primarily because of my experiences with Soap & Glory lipsticks and Revlon's offerings, which are all around the same price as this lipstick.

Whimsical is a really beautiful, warm peachy neutral shade. I love the colour, but unfortunately I didn't get on quite so well with the formulation. It's a matte shade so I didn't expect it to be moisturising on my lips, but I wasn't prepared for the extent to which it dried them out.

Although I do have quite dry lips (and if you don't you might get on better with this lipstick), I have never had such a bad experience with a lipstick as I did with this one. It started to feel dry immediately, even with lip balm underneath, and after about half an hour my lips felt so dry and cakey and just unpleasant. I did try and persevere, mainly because I'd spent £8 on this lipstick, but it made my lips uncomfortable to the extent that it was almost painful.

I am so, so disappointed by my experience with this lipstick it has put me off trying any other shades or formulations to date. I'm sure the non-matte formulas will work better for me, but I'm hesitant about trying them because I could lose another £8 for a product that just doesn't work for me.

Topshop Lips in Whimsical is available for £8 from the Topshop website HERE or in your local store.

What do you think of the Topshop lipsticks? Which shade would you recommend I try next?


  1. this shade looks so pretty! I need to get my hands on some of topshop's lipsticks x

    1. You do :) let me know if you choose a different shade!!