Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fabulous Nails #45 - potential Nails Inc Baker Street dupe!

Hi guys! Today's nail look is one I've been dying to post about for weeks! I'm sure you'll have seen and heard of the gorgeous Nails Inc Baker Street polish - it's an electric blue that's to die for. But what if I said I'd found a £5 dupe...?

This Topshop Nails is in the shade Varsity, and after comparing it to Nails Inc Baker Street in a Boots store I have to say it's a pretty close match in the bottle! Obviously I don't own Baker Street so I can't compare the two side by side on the nails, but it's close enough to justify spending £5 on this little gem!

It's already one of my favourite nail varnishes - not only is it a stunning colour but the formula applies really nicely as well and stays chip free for long enough to keep me happy! Overall I'm really pleased with this polish and would urge you to give it a try too if you're looking for a stand-out blue to add to your collection.

You can buy Topshop Nails in Varsity for £5 in your local store.

What do you think of these blue nails? Are you a fan of Topshop nail poilishes?