Sunday, 24 April 2011

Kiss me, beneath the milky twilight...

I have always been a big fan of lipstick. I think there's something very chic and classic about wearing lipstick in general, regardless of the shade. I love wearing a neutral shade in the day, and something a bit more daring and bright on an evening.
I was always advised away from wearing bright lipstick when I was a teenager due to my pale skin, and it took me a while to find the courage to ignore this ridiculous advice and try some daring new pinks and reds! Since then I've never looked back, and so I invested in 4 new lipsticks last week - 3 as part of the 3 for 2 offer at Boots, and 1 Maybelline 24 hour lipstick which was on offer (£2 off!)
This is the new Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color in shade no. 260 'Wild Berry'. The Super Stay range is a new idea in lipsticks - you basically get a two-ended product that has the lip stain at one side and the 'conditioning balm' at the other. The concept is that you stain your lips once, with a 'thin layer' of the colour, and then all you need to do for the rest of the night is apply the balm to keep your lips soft and shiny, and stop the colour creasing. Simple enough? It actually is!
I chose this plummy colour because I have plenty of bright pinks and too many reds to count, and wanted something dark(ish) for an evening. The colour came off a lot lighter when I tried it on my hand compared to when worn on the lips. I've put pics of the lipstick with and without the conditioning balm so you can see the difference it makes. I really liked this - excellent staying power, superb colour and the freshness of the idea is good too. I'd definitely recommend this for an evening wear lipstick - for example if you're going on a date and expect to be eating, drinking etc long into the night, as it means you don't have to worry about smearing, smudging or touching up your colour. Brilliant! It's currently £8.19 at Boots, but I managed to get it last week on offer for £6.99. Linky
The other 3 lipsticks I've bought are all Barry M 'Lip Paint' - £4.49 each from Boots (currently on 3 for the price of 2). I already have a luscious pillar box Blondie-esque red lipstick from the Barry M range and have always been very happy with it. The lipsticks are generally very highly pigmented, even the more natural and sheer colours. They go on very easily but at the same time are easy to wipe off if you make a mistake around the lip area. I've found most lipsticks to have a drying effect (even the really expensive ones!) and so Barry M Lip Paint is no exception. I will say, however, that these lipsticks don't dry my lips out as much as cheaper brands or other ranges I've tried. Linky
This is shade 152 - it's a lovely shimmery plummy pink colour and just perfect for wearing on a night out without being too overstated. I plan on wearing this with a more natural, low-impact eye, in order to avoid looking too drag-queen!

Next up is shade 53, which is an iridescent bright coral/pink colour.
Again this is probably more of an evening paint as in my opinion the colour's too high impact for just wearing during the day. It's an absolutely incredible colour though, very pearly and shimmery and looks great in the sunshine!

Finally, shade 150 - a delightful shimmer nude colour that is ideal for daywear.
I actually wore this lipstick as soon as I bought it - applying it during my lunch break! It's a lovely shade to accentuate a natural look and enhance what you've already got!

I essentially got these 3 Barry M Lip Paints for £9 which I think is a bargain and I would definitely recommend them. Even individually priced at £4.49 you can't go far wrong!


  1. Wow great bargains! I need to buy more lipsticks. I love the shade 150, so pretty x

  2. It's so cute but versatile too!
    Elspeth xx