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In Her Eyes - eyeliner

I'm back as promised with what will hopefully prove to be a useful beauty-oriented post! I've invested in some new bits and pieces of late and intend to update you on them over the next day or two! I'm currently going through a big coloured eyeliner phase, and to reflect this I'll start by posting about eyeliners!

Until a few months ago I never strayed beyond simple black eyeliner - usually kohl on my waterline or the most basic of liquids just above my upper eyelashes. A friend of mine suggested I take the leap and try a coloured liner, as I have queer coloured eyes and she thought using different coloured eyeliners could help to bring out the different colours in my eyes. Boy was she right!

My first purchases were from E.L.F. If you haven't heard of it already, E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) is a big drugstore brand in America, with most items selling for $1 over there. The company recently began selling through its own UK site, and most standard items are £1.50. I purchased 3 coloured eyeliners, one 'Brightening Eyeliner' in the shade 'plum', and two 'Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils', in the shades 'gunmetal' and 'plum passion'.
The gunmetal shimmer shade is at the top, the plum passion shimmer shade is in the middle and the plum brightening shade is at the bottom. I've worn all these eyeliners out for the day (on different days, obviously!) and will comment on them each in turn.
The gunmetal shimmer eyeliner is a really nice metallic, soft shade & goes on nicely. The lovely practical-minded people at E.L.F. kindly make all 'Shimmer' range eyeliners with a pencil sharpener in the lid! A nice touch. In terms of wear-ability, it's not as metallic on the lids as I'd hoped, but this does mean that the shade is suitable for daywear and isn't too garish or shocking. It stays on for most of the day (around 7 hours until it starts to fade and look a bit rubbish) which I thought was brilliant value for £1.50!
The same applies to the plum passion shade of the shimmer eyeliner. This is a delightful shimmery colour and I've worn it out a few times, but it does seem to lose its pigmentation much quicker than the gunmetal shade. Again, very good value.
The plum 'Brightening Eyeliner' is my favourite of the three - it kept its pigmentation well into the evening, and it's a divine colour. Very well pigmented in general and goes on very easily. E.L.F. send you a pencil sharpener with the eyeliner, but it's loose so will probably get as lost in your make up bag as it has in mine! Recommended - an absolute steal at £1.50 and I love it!

Next up are some Collection 2000 eyeliners. Although obviously a big fan of the E.L.F. ones above, I really can't praise the Collection 2000 range of eyeliners enough, they're definitely my favourites. At £1.99 for a pencil and £2.99 for a felt tip they're excellent value too.
This is the Collection 2000 'Kohl Eyeliner Precision Colour' in shade 'Kingfisher 20'. I am head over heels in love with this colour, it's such a luscious shade and is very highly pigmented and lasts and lasts and lasts! I put it on at 8 in the morning and it was still bright as ever when I removed it at 11pm at night.
I like to wear it when I'm going for a more rock chick look as I think it's a bit edgier than most other colours. My favourite eyeliner, I would recommend this without a shadow of a doubt. I bought mine from Boots for £1.99.
Here are the other three Collection 2000 eyeliners I purchased using the Boots 3 for 2 offer that's on at the moment. The top one is an 'Extreme 24hour Felt Tip Liner' in 'Blue', the middle one is another 'Kohl Eyeliner Precision Colour' in shade 'Purple Passion 29', and the bottom is 'Kohl Eyeliner Precision Colour' in shade 'Brown 2'.
Starting at the top, the felt tip liner is the most lasting liner I've ever used. Collection 2000 don't mess around when they label something '24hours'! Although the shade of blue is duller on the skin than I expected, it's still a really nice shade, if a little dark. I prefer to wear this liner on a night out, but it has a lovely metallic navy edge to it. Very easy on, a steal at only £2.99!
Next is the pencil eyeliner in 'Purple Passion 29'. A lovely bright purple colour, this is similar to the blue above - goes on nicely, excellent durability and overall very good value for money at £1.99. I prefer the blue shade to the purple but I think that's more personal preference than anything else!
Finally, the pencil eyeliner in 'Brown 2'. There's nothing new to say about this one really. Obviously it's a brown/neutral shade so the colour isn't bright but it is easy to put on, stays on a long time and to be honest in all the shades of brown eyeliner I've come across, this is a nice natural nutty colour which will look great for a day to day nude make up look. Again, recommended as it's only £1.99!

I hope this somewhat hefty post on eyeliners has left you seeing these products more clearly (!) and I hope if you haven't done so before, you give coloured liners a go, or even place an order with E.L.F. for the first time! If you 'like' E.L.F. on Facebook (search eyeslipsface) they often post discount codes and offers on their page which is a great way to get an even better deal on your make up!

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