Friday, 22 April 2011

Forever in blue (& green!) jeans

Apologies for being too busy to update over the last couple of weeks, I have a whole bundle of lovely posts to make up for it so I hope you can forgive me!

First up - jeans! Although I don't wear jeans that often, I'm definitely one of those girls who dreads her jeans getting too tired & torn, shrinking in the wash or ending up too big, because it inevitably means you have to shop for new ones! My sister is the same, but as we both needed a new pair when she came to visit me last week we headed to Uniqlo on the recommendation of a friend, hoping that this time we wouldn't be made to feel like oversized freaks by the poor sizing & unflattering lighting that haunts every girl who seeks a new pair of denims...

Someone must have been listening, because the first pair we tried on fit us both like a dream & were just what we were looking for! Yes, this does mean that my sister and I now have matching jeans, but as we live ~250miles apart, I don't think it's the end of the world.
They're the 'Perfect Shape' range, and were £29.99 on offer at £19.99 from Uniqlo and fit me like a glove! I've been looking for some decent light wash jeans for about a year, so I'm chuffed to bits I've found these!
As they're a couple of inches too long for me, I decided to turn them up which I think makes them look a lot more casual. Perfect for a cool Spring afternoon!
Also whilst out and about I recently picked up these GORGEOUS pastel green skinnies from TRF at Zara for £19.99! I wasn't even jean shopping at the time, but I couldn't resist impulse purchasing them and I haven't regretted it. I've worn them around 7 times since I bought them. I'm so happy to have found some coloured jeans just in time for the colour blocking trend this season!

How do you find jean shopping? Are there any stores that you steer clear of? Where are your favourite pair of denims from?


  1. Those are some great bargains!

    Uniqlo and Zara stock great basics all the time. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Thanks! I love the range at Zara - TRF for teens & the basic range is just classic!