Thursday, 16 January 2014

NEW Dove Express Treatment Conditioner Range*

Hi guys! Today I'm sharing some more Dove hair care goodies with you. I already posted about some products I was sent by the lovely people at Dove HERE, and I was really happy to receive some more items to try out and share with you guys! 

For me, keeping my hair moisturised is a big priority. I didn't share too much of my hair journey over the past 6 months or so but in short - I started out strawberry blonde, went blonde (really blonde) and then after a few months wanted to go back to being brunette and had a bit of an ordeal where I home dyed my hair pink and then had to use Color B4 to strip it down to white and re-dye it brown! My hair was pretty damaged to start with because of going blonde but after all that trauma it was horrendous. So lately I've been trying to find time to use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. Which made the arrival of these Dove Express Treatment Conditioners into my life incredibly timely.

I received three from the range - the Intensive Repair conditioner, the Colour Radiance conditioner and the Nourishing Oil Care conditioner. I was originally going to review these in three posts but I think it would be a little repetitive. So prepare yourself for three reviews in one post! In essence all of these products are a quick and easy way to incorporate a deeper conditioning treatment into your shower routine because you only need to leave them on for a minute or two. I tend to use these in the shower after shampooing and then turn off the water while I use shower gel, shave my legs etc and then turn the water back on and wash off! Simple, easy and so quick you don't have to get up early on a morning to give your hair some extra TLC.

First up, the Dove Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner. The consistency of all these conditioners is slightly thicker than a regular conditioner and it almost melts into your hair on application. The smell is such a fresh cotton-y scent I adore using this because when I blow dry my hair afterwards it lingers on. In terms of how this helps my hair, it makes it feel a lot softer and it's not so frizzy but it does weigh it down a little. Sometimes that can be bad but because I have quite fine hair I sometimes prefer heavy duty products to help prevent fly aways. I wouldn't recommend using this more than once a week. 

Next, the Dove Colour Radiance Express Treatment Conditioner. This is aimed at damaged coloured hair, which is exactly what I have! The colour of the creme is pink-toned which for some reason I just love! It's a random little thing that makes me smile in the shower when I use it. In caring for my colour treated hair I try and use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week, but since I started using this product I haven't really needed to. I'm seriously impressed with how strong and healthy my hair feels after using this. This product also claims to extend the life of your coloured hair which I definitely agree with - although that said I am a firm believer that any good conditioning treatment will help prolong your colour.

Finally - the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner. This creme has a golden yellow tone to it which I love even more than the pink one! I was super keen to try this one because, along with the rest of the world, I've gone crazy for oils in the past couple of years and find oils can work wonders on my damaged hair. That said, I was concerned that using this in conjunction with my usual Macadamia Oil healing oil spray would be too much and result in heavy, greasy hair. Thank goodness I was wrong! There's no greasy feeling after using this (provided you wash it out properly) and compared to the other two I've tried this conditioner makes my hair feel bouncier and more resilient.

Phew! We made it. I have been using these products for a while now - in order to test them thoroughly I used one at a time for a couple of weeks so I could report back to you on my experience with each one and their specific benefits. I hope this is helpful if you're looking for a simple product that's easy to incorporate into your busy morning routine.

Price-wise these are very affordable at just £3.99 each - one 180ml tube will last you a long long time (which is why I'm giving one of mine away to my Mum to use because otherwise I'd be using these for years!) You can pick these up from Superdrug or Boots in store or online HERE.

Have you tried any of the Dove hair care range yet? What do you think?

*PR sample


  1. These sound nice, dove have been doing well on the hair front recently!


  2. I've used doves nourishing hair mask and I literally swear by it. It makes my hair feel so alive, soft and strong again! I've recently wanted to try other conditioners so I may have to give one of these a go! I know i'll still be using a dove conditioner, but I guess they're just that good! Lol. x

  3. I love Dove products, I have tried the repair express treatment conditioner before and I loved it x
    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness