Friday, 29 November 2013

Festive Friday - Yankee Candle

Hi guys! Welcome to the second installment of my new blog series - Festive Friday! Today I will be sharing some of my favourite festive fragrances from Yankee Candle..

I think it might be obligatory for any beauty blogger to also have a complete obsession with scented candles... and I am no exception! I absolutely adore having a scented candle burning on an evening, especially in the colder months when it can make a room feel so cosy. Last year I did a post entitled Christmas Candles on the Cheap (read it HERE) which was a protest against the ridiculously expensive scented candles which are pushed by a lot of beauty bloggers, and offered up a few more budget friendly alternatives. Today's post is in the same vein but focusing on Yankee Candle which is one of my favourite candle brands..

First up is Snowflake Cookie, a sweet delightful scent which isn't too rich and spicy - a nice alternative to the usual cinnamon scents that are inescapable at this time of year. Very vanilla-y and similar to Christmas Cupcake/Christmas Cookie (two of my all-time favourites!) This small jar was £6.29 from Campus Gifts HERE.

Next is Christmas Memories - possibly one of my all time favourite candle scents! This smells exactly as you'd expect from the name and the label, just like baked gingerbread and cinnamon. It is quite spicy and perfect for burning on a cold wintery evening when you're cuddling up under a blanket. £6.29 from Campus Gifts HERE.

Christmas Eve is already my sister's favourite festive fragrance - as soon as she smelled this it was love! She even tried to steal mine! It's a unique fragrance with hints of sugared plums, a dash of vanilla and a really authentic berry scent. Pick this up for £6.29 HERE.

Season of Peace is another great option for people who don't particularly like spicy scents. It's very strongly scented but the fragrance itself is quite subtle and soft (if that makes any sense at all?!) I usually prefer more dominant scents but there's just something about this - I can imagine it will be great to burn all day when you're in the house over New Years and have visitors around. It's quite powdery and musky - just perfect. Also £6.29 HERE.

I decided to buy four different small jar candles instead of investing in one large jar - the Christmas period doesn't actually last that long and I thought it would be nice to have a few different fragrances over the holidays that I could switch up and enjoy, rather than one massive candle to burn. I always buy my Yankee Candles from Campus Gifts because they're discounted to a reasonable level and the customer service is excellent. You can see their full range of festive candles HERE.

What is your favourite Christmas candle scent? Are you tempted to try any of mine?


  1. snowflake cookie is my current favourite- my best friend works in a shop that sells Yankee Candles and often treats me! x