Sunday, 1 April 2012

No 7 Poppy King lipstick - Sheer Wine

My mum bought me a Poppy King No 7 gift set for my birthday, and this lipstick was in it!
The lipstick itself is quite small, about 3/4 of the size of a normal lippy. The packaging is otherwise really nice and stylish though.
I love the 'Poppy King' branding on the lipstick tube!
This might be the first sheer lipstick I've tried - I'm definitely more keen on matte colours - but I was really happy with this shade. Its easier to wear than a matte colour and I think looks quite subtle and classy on the lip. The shade is quite a luscious red too. It doesn't last that long on the lip, probably because its a sheer lippy, but its not drying and as long as you reapply it does look good all night. I'm definitely impressed and might try more sheer shades in future!

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