Sunday, 28 October 2012

Guess who's back...

Oh my... its been a whopping SIX MONTHS - shame on me. It actually got to the stage where I felt like I'd been away so long I almost couldn't come back?? I hope to explain my absence a little below, hopefully without wittering on too much..

In April this year I was extremely busy at work and finding it all a bit difficult... juggling a 60 hour/ week job and finding the energy to blog completely overwhelmed me and I found myself blogging for blogging's sake, rather than for the enjoyment of it. I stopped blogging in May, and in June I moved into my own little flat (in Camberwell, London) and couldn't get the internet! I live in a converted pub, which is actually amazing, but annoying as I can't get a land line fitted! I was offline for a massive three months until the end of September, which was the same time I went into hospital to have a major operation on my knee...

It felt like one thing after another. I just lost my enthusiasm and motivation to blog. But having a few weeks off work to recuperate from my op made me rediscover my love of fashion and beauty blogging - major shout outs to Emily Divine and llymlrs for making some stunning posts that I couldn't ignore! So here I am, at the very end of October 2012 and relaunching myself into the blogosphere.

So, HELLO MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS - new and old!! I'm hoping my time away from the internet and blogging will help me find a fresh perspective and inspiration for some new posts, so stay tuned! I hope you find the upcoming content interesting, and I'd love to hear some feedback in the Comments!

Lots of love

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