Monday, 29 October 2012

Bit of a rehaul

You may have noticed a couple of changes to the blog of late.. since my decision to start posting again I decided it was in need of a bit of a shake up. I've ditched the old background in favour of a more simple Blogger template but I am desperately seeking a new design - if you have any recommendations please let me know. I think it looks a bit fresher and grown up, don't you?

I've also rejigged the layout, hopefully making everything a bit more unified, and added a popular posts section at the bottom right of the screen - what do you make of the changes?

I have made a decision about the content of the blog - reflected in the new sub heading at the top of the page. Bee's Knees is now a fashion, beauty AND lifestyle blog. In the past I felt a little restricted in my posts, as if I couldn't post any musings or witterings about my everyday life because I had styled the blog as a fashion/beauty blog. So keep an eye out in the next few weeks as I will be posting about my lovely new flat, and introducing you to someone who's sure to be a regular on the blog - my gorgeous kitty cat Clem! Here's a sneak preview...


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